Roosevelt Elementary School

Project Details

Long Beach Unified School District
$45 Million

Located in a mixed urban/residential neighborhood, Roosevelt Elementary houses 1,100 students on a compact 4.25 acre site. The initial intent was to preserve some of the iconic 1930’s WPA structures that defined the look of the campus. When this proved unfeasible due to structural issues, an entirely new school was designed from the ground up incorporating contextual elements from the original buildings as well as neighboring Poly High School. Several site plan options were provided to the District taking into account traffic patterns, drop-off times and locations, parking, paths of travel, campus safety and security, and adjacency of school programs. The buildings were ultimately sited along the perimeter to provide increased security as well as a buffer from traffic.

The New Roosevelt Elementary contains 100,000 square feet of CHPS verified two-story classroom space including community health clinic, kindergarten, administration, multipurpose, library, and parking structure at grade level with playground above.